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AVIDA Industries - Branding Guide


AVIDA Industries - Branding Guide

AVIDA Industries is a multi-functional facility that specializes in integrating technological study and development with humanitarianism.

"To help society move with the future. We believe that better interactivity between humans and machines is the fundamental path to the future. As new technologies come in, it’s our job to keep up with new advancements to ensure that your future is much safer and easier. We value curiosity, creativity, and innovation in our community. Thus, our engineers, scientists, and operators work diligently on creating better solutions, and provide the best services to make sure that our discoveries become the tools you’ll need, so you are always at ease. AVIDA Industries paves the way for a newer and better tomorrow."

The geometry bridges the gap between technology and humanity. The subtle lettermark-style of logo provides a sleek corporate look, while its downward point represents an image of
a beacon not only for our software, but for the technological industry

This multi-functional facility have different operations that focus on specific tasks. These operations work at different parts of the company at different levels.

Elements and vectors created on Adobe Illustrator, then implemented and composited through Adobe Photoshop.

Branding includes:

  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • ★ Branding Guide WON SILVER 2018 American Advertising Federation Student Addy Award
  • Title Bumper