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Nico Botones is a graphic designer and video editor, with a focus on branding, such as title cards and logo animations. He was born in Manila, Philippines, but moved and lived in Louisville, Kentucky since 2006.

From a very young age, Nico has always been interested in the arts, whether performing or visual. Nico has been performing on stage, as a vocalist and instrumentalist, since the age of 7. It was until his sophomore year of high school that he began having an even bigger interest in visual art.

"I love art and every bit of it. I love tearing visual art apart analytically (paintings, movies, books, menus, etc.), and writing down why something was composed and choreographed that way. 
To me, art is a way to communicate feelings without having to say a word, to evoke emotion and receive it back, creating conversation.”

When Nico is not working on editing and graphic work, Nico enjoys performing! He sings A Cappella music with The Kentucky Vocal Union as a bass singer and beat boxer, and has travelled to many states across the U.S., performing in shows, events, and conventions where he’s competed in regional and international contests. He also sang Tenor in a barbershop quartet called, In The Mix. Nico also loves being involved with the music community by volunteering his time in marching camps and singing workshops.

Nico likes to sing Karaoke on occasions, and also is an avid fan of K-Pop and the Korean culture.

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